Truck Bedliners

Truck Bedliners

Classic Auto Body, Inc. also offers custom spray-in bed liner services, which is the best option for protecting your truck’s bed. Spray-on truck bed liners make it easy for truck owners to protect their investment by protecting the bed of the truck from damage due to sun, rain and other chemicals that may come into contact with the bed.

Our spray-in bed liner coatings keep trucks, machinery, and other systems looking great for years. It can also be used on trailers, motorcycles, boats, and other applications. It protects against extreme weather conditions as well as allowing you to haul items without worrying about scratches and other damage caused by items rolling around in the bed of the truck.

Truck owners will get many other benefits from choosing a spray-on bed liner. These liners provide a permanent solution to dents, scrapes and rusting. The elastomer material also provides a resistant surface. The bed liner will be resistant to water and chemical corrosion. Unlike other types of bed liners, spray-on liners cannot shift and move out of place. Many colors and finishes are available for adding a custom look to your truck.

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